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An Interinstitutional Center for Research and Development in Computational Linguistics


Construction of a Brazilian Portuguese Lexicon using the French DELA system for Unitex Toolbox


Starting Time: March/2002


        The goal of this work is to create a computational lexicon for Brazilian Portuguese using the French DELA system developed at LADL (Laboratoire d'Automatique Documentaire et Linguistique).

Expected Results:

       DELAS, DELAF, DELAC, DELACF Brazilian Portuguese dictionaries, an access and manipulation library for these dictionaries and some expansions for the Unitex toolbox.


      MSc student: Marcelo Caetano Martins Muniz
      Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes

Project Site : Unitex-PB

Finantial Support

      Marcelo Caetano Martins Muniz - muniz@icmc.usp.br
      Prof. Dr. Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes - gracan@icmc.usp.br


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