Sandra Maria Aluísio

Postdoctoral Student


Magali Sanches Duran

Verbo-Brasil is a repository of Portuguese verbs conceived to support semantic role labeling in the Propbank-Br project.

There is a frame file for each verb, containing the set of semantic role labels predicted by each of the verb senses (called roleset), following the design of PropBank lexicon. The examples provided after each roleset are of use to help annotators to choose the verb sense and the semantic role labels they will assign in each instance of annotation. The verb senses have been mapped to the English Propbank verb senses, whenever possible. The mapping between the resources enabled us to inherit the verb classes and the role labels from Verbnet. Verbo-Brasil is continually being improved as new verb senses are identified during the annotation tasks.

The first version of Verbo-Brasil has financial support of FAPESP (Process number 2011/22337-1, from 01/06/2012 to 31/05/2013). The revision and extension of the resource (2014-2015) was supported by Samsung Eletrônica da Amazônia Ltda, under the terms of Brazilian federal law number 8.248/91.