Brazilian Symposium on Information and Human Language Technology




STIL (formerly known as TIL - Workshop on Information and Human Language Technology) was created in 2003 to promote and develop a genuinely multidisciplinary area, and bring together academics and professionals from disciplines such as Computer Science, Linguistics, Information Science and various other related areas. The computational processing of natural languages requires effort from various disciplines, each contributing to the development of techniques and systems by providing specific knowledge and research methodologies. The primary aim of STIL is therefore to provide an adequate forum to allow these different communities to interact.

The event has been growing year on year. The first TIL was held at the University of São Paulo (USP), in São Carlos/SP, in 2003. In 2004 e 2005, the event was part of the 24th and 25th Conferences of the Brazilian Society for Computer Science (SBC) in Salvador/BA and São Leopoldo/RS respectively. TIL 2006 took place in Ribeirão Preto/SP, in conjunction with the International Joint Conference IBERAMIA/SBIA/SBRN, which turned out to be the biggest event in Artificial Intelligence ever held in Brazil. The 5th edition of the event was hosted by the Military Institute of Engineering (IME) in Rio de Janeiro/RJ, as part of the XXVII SBC Conference. The 6th edition of the event was carried out in 2008 with Webmedia, in Vila Velha/ES, and was the last one known as TIL. The 7th edition, using the STIL name, was held at USP, in São Carlos/SP in 2009. The 8th edition was held in 2011 in Cuiabá/MT, at UFMT. The 9th edition took place in Fortaleza/CE in 2013, hosted by BRACIS. Its 10th edition took place in Natal/RN, also hosted by BRACIS. STIL is currently the largest event of its type in Brazil and, within the Brazilian context, it is the only event which is entirely dedicated to this specific topic.

STIL is the main national event supported and organized by the SBC Special Group on Natural Language Processing.


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