The conference will take place at Auditório Fernão S. Rodrigues Germano (room 6-001), USP-ICMC. Regarding the proceedings:


Monday, October 6

09:00 Registration

10:00 Welcome coffee

10:40 Opening

11:00 Invited talk 1 

Meeting Recognition and Understanding: Past, Present and a Guess at the Future
Andreas Stolcke (Microsoft Research)

12:40 Lunch break

14:40 TECHNICAL SESSION 1 - Text Processing (chair: Brett Drury)

Tagging and Labeling Portuguese Modal Verbs
Paulo Quaresma,Amália Mendes,Iris Hendrickx,Teresa Gonçalves

JMorpher: a Finite-State Morphological Parser in Java for Android
Leonel F. de Alencar,Mardônio França,Katiuscia Andrade,Philipp Costa,Henrique Vasconcelos,Francinaldo Madeira

Training State-of-the-Art Portuguese POS Taggers without Handcrafted Features
Cícero dos Santos,Bianca Zadrozny

16:00 Coffee break

16:20 TECHNICAL SESSION 2 - Speech Processing (chair: Michael Riley)

Acoustic Similarity Scores for Keyword Spotting
Arlindo Veiga,Carla Calado Lopes,Luís Sá,Fernando Perdigão

Improving Speech Recognition through Automatic Selection of Age Group Specific Acoustic Models
Annika Hamalainen,Hugo Meinedo,Michael Tjalve,Thomas Pellegrini,Isabel Trancoso,Miguel Dias

17:20 Demo session

18:00 Welcome reception (at the conference venue)


Tuesday, October 7

09:00 Registration

09:20 TECHNICAL SESSION 3 - Speech Processing (chair: Andreas Stolcke)

Rule-based Algorithms for Automatic Pronunciation of Portuguese Verbal Inflections
Vanessa Marquiafável,Christopher Shulby,Arlindo Veiga,Jorge Proença,Sara Candeias,Fernando Perdigão

Characterizing Parkinson's Disease Speech by Acoustic and Phonetic Features
Jorge Proença,Arlindo Veiga,Sara Candeias,João Lemos,Cristina Januário,Fernando Perdigão

Automatically Recognising European Portuguese Children's Speech: Pronunciation Patterns Revealed by an Analysis of ASR Errors
Annika Hamalainen,Hyongsil Cho,Sara Candeias,Thomas Pellegrini,Alberto Abad,Michael Tjalve,Isabel Trancoso,Miguel Dias

10:40 Coffee break

11:20 Invited talk 2

Text Simplification: A challenge for all Computational Linguists?
Advaith Siddharthan (University of Aberdeen)

12:40 Lunch break

14:40 TECHNICAL SESSION 4 - Text Processing (chair: Vládia Pinheiro)

Using Cross-linguistic Knowledge to Build VerbNet-style Lexicons: Results for a (Brazilian) Portuguese VerbNet
Carolina Scarton,Magali Duran,Sandra Aluísio

Extending a Lexicon of Portuguese Nominalizations with Data from Corpora
Valeria de Paiva,Cláudia Freitas,Livy Real,Alexandre Rademaker,Anne de Araujo Correia da Silva

Body-Part Nouns and Whole-Part Relations in Portuguese
Ilia Markov,Nuno Mamede,Jorge Baptista

16:00 Coffee break

16:20 TECHNICAL SESSION 5 - Phd/MSc contest (chair: Helena Caseli)

The creation of Onto.PT: a wordnet-like lexical ontology for Portuguese
Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira

Investigation of General Purpose Word Sense Disambiguation Methods for Nouns in Portuguese
Fernando Antônio Nóbrega

17:20 Poster session

20:30 Conference dinner at Café Tropical
(the bus to the dinner venue will leave from Hotel Anacã at 20h)


Wednesday, October 8


An overview of Text Summarisation research
Advaith Siddharthan (University of Aberdeen)

11:00 Coffee break

11:20 Invited talk 3

Challenges in Voice Search
Michael Riley (Google Inc.)

12:40 Lunch break

14:40 TECHNICAL SESSION 6 - Text Processing (chair: Magali Sanches Duran)

Automatic Alignment of News Texts and their Multi-document Summaries: Comparison among Methods
Verônica Agostini,Roque E. Lopez Condori,Thiago Pardo

Using Rhetorical Structure Theory and Entity Grids to Automatically Evaluate Local Coherence in Texts
Márcio Dias,Valéria Feltrim,Thiago Pardo

Proverb Variation: Experiments on Automatic Detection in Brazilian Portuguese Texts
Amanda Rassi,Jorge Baptista,Oto Vale

16:00 Coffee break

16:20 Award ceremony, closing and community meeting


Thursday, October 9

ToRPorEsp Workshop: Tools and Resources for Automatically Processing Portuguese and Spanish